Minimalist Shoe Options and Reviews for Kids

Minimalist Shoe Options and Reviews for Kids

The majority of children’s shoes on the market have an elevated heel, unnecessary support, a rigid sole, and a narrow toe box; all of which prevent the child’s foot from developing naturally. Furthermore, such conventional shoes disrupt how the child moves naturally, leading to faulty, unnatural movement patterns setting up the child up for failure later in life.

Kids should either be barefoot, or near barefoot using minimalist shoes in order to allow for natural foot development and a continuation of natural fundamental movement patterns. Although there are other brands out there that are not mentioned in this video, these are brands that I have personally had my kids use (my kids have not tried Xero shoes yet as mentioned in the video but I imagine they will in the near future). Check the brands out at the links below:

Plae Shoes: (reasonably priced, great option)

Splay Shoes: (Cheap for minimalist shoes, good option)

Vivobarefoot: (Excellent shoe, but pricey)

Croc Boots: (I only use the boot option for my kids. Not truly minimalist, but a good option for cold and mud)

Xero Shoes (Affiliate link): (haven’t tried these yet with my kids, but will likely do so in the near future)

Softstar Shoes:… (Okay option. A bit pricey and find the toe boxes a bit cramped. They do mayke some GREAT toddler options)

Ugg kid boots:… (Not truly minimalist, but cozy, warm, flat, and the leather stretches nicely. Quite pricey)

Koolaburra by Ugg (vegan option): (less pricey than the Uggs. They are cozy, flat, but not a true minimalist boot)

Good luck in your search!!!


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